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The wait, the weather, and the winemakers

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“A wine is ready when you can’t bear to wait for it any longer” -Karen MacNeil And the same thing can be said for grapes… “Are we there yet?” “No.” “Are we there yet?” “Almost.” “Are we there, now?” “Yes, … Continue reading


Double Feature

Remember double features? Yeah, I don’t really either. I’m pretty sure that phenomenon passed well before I was born. Pixar tried to bring back the tradition, showing “shorts” before the full-length film, which I really appreciate; I love the feeling … Continue reading


It’s going to be dirty

My kitchen is about as clean as it has been in months. No dirty dishes in the sink, or clean dishes left to dry – for what normally lasts two or three days. No bits and pieces of food or … Continue reading


Sunshine in a bottle

Fall is nearing; I can feel it. The crape myrtles are beginning to bloom down on Matheson Street; an unmistakable sign that fall is on the way. Their bloom bursts from the tips of the branches in shades of scarlet … Continue reading