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PDX, I Love You

The best meals often don’t come from restaurants… Portland, I love you. If you had slightly better weather I would consider you for a living destination, simply for the food you have to offer. Now, there’s no denying that you … Continue reading


A conversation with Romanesco

So the other day I was walking through Shelton’s Natural Foods Market, scoping out the produce section and piecing together dinner for the evening when I came across an oddly shaped, vibrant green fellow tucked alongside a wall of kale. … Continue reading


No rat jokes here

It’s officially summer. I know it’s summer, not because of the soaring July temperatures, nor because of the farmer-tan lines that I’ve acquired from hours spent in the scorching sun, nor because of the series of bruises on my elbow … Continue reading


A Leaping Frog Finds My Heart

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I have a confession to make. After an uncountable amount of visits to Napa, I have actually found a piece of it that (gasp) doesn’t suck! Sorry Napa folks! Sonoma/Napa rivalry aside, I’ve been hard pressed to find many things … Continue reading


An Afternoon of Bottling Wine

I guess whenever someone asks me to help with bottling wine, I immediately think of standing on a bottling line with funny looking goggles and protective gloves, loud noises of compressed air and rattling bottles making it impossible to have … Continue reading