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The Thanksgiving Burrito

Behold, the thanksgiving burrito! Yes, you read correctly, thanksgiving burrito. :::Angels singing::: I decided to do a quick bonus post for the week for those of you who still have leftovers hanging out in your fridge. Lets be honest here, … Continue reading


Aww shucks!

The sun was glaring in the camera lens, and there wasn’t much we could do about it… Aww shucks! And you kind of just expect that from a coastal autumn day. It was one of those perfectly crisp November afternoons. … Continue reading


Braised Kale For The Communal Table

The Food Network, in honor of Thanksgiving, is celebrating a “Virtual Thanksgiving” called The Communal Table on Wednesday, November 16. Think of it as a cyber potluck. Anyone in the food community is invited to attend – food websites and … Continue reading


Making Sense Of The World

You ever have one of those weeks, or months for that matter, where you just can’t seem to find your voice? Words are typed and fill the page with little depth behind them; you stare at the computer screen, imploring … Continue reading


Braaaaaaaaaaains! And a chile verde recipe

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So my friends and I are kind of into zombies. It all started last year with a little show called, The Walking Dead, maybe you’ve heard of it. According to my roommate Jon, it’s, “The best show on television, ever!” … Continue reading