Hello there,

My name is Aaron, and this is my blog.

I grew up in the heart of Sonoma County and to this day, still call it home. It’s hard to leave a place that is so beautiful and perfect for my lifestyle.  I work in the wine industry to make a living, as my writing career has yet to take off. But the one thing that I know, is that I love to write and I love to eat, so I’m trying to make the two of them blend together into one.

I started this blog after quitting a full-time job as an assistant manager and wine buyer for a restaurant. The main reason for quitting: I went to school for english and for writing, and I hadn’t been doing a very good job utilizing my education. Since graduation, I have been dabbling in personal essays and sending them out for publication (one published so far, yay me!). The biggest problem in my way was a drive to write every day after a handful of rejection letters. I’m still young, (or so they tell me) at the ripe age of 28, and I want to make writing my career. With a little push after some reluctance to start a blog, I realized having a blog would inevitably force me into writing more often and help spur my creativity.

The purpose of this blog is not to make you a fan of me, it’s about having an interest in food and wine and this beautiful place I call home; it’s about wanting to learn and observe and enjoy. That being said, this is not a food blog; it is mostly a blog about thoughts and stories that I would like to share. It is not all about recipes and pretty pictures; at its best I want it to be a conversation with the readers and myself.

Thanks for stopping by!




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