And then it got hot

And now as I get slightly tipsy off of a couple glasses of rosé, I rant for the sake of blogging. Blogging – I have a kind of love hate relationship with it. I was once morally opposed to the idea; and then I warmed up to it; and then I started doing it, and I loved it; and then I hated it; and then I loved it again; and then I found it a lot of work; and somewhere in-between a period of poverty and now, I’m here, like I said, ranting.

October 2nd will go down in history as the best rosé day of the season. I never thought I’d say that on October 2nd, but had it not turned 100 degrees, this last remaining, straggler bottle of rosé probably would have been forgotten in the bottom of the second case box until spring.

So yeah, remember how last week I mused about the coming of autumn? Well mother nature decided she wasn’t done, and threw us for a loop with three days in the high 90’s and triple digits. The golden sun that I spoke so highly of is now intensely crushing my visions of crisp autumn days.

I drive home passed rolling vineyards that have already started to turn crimson and gold with the season, but are now radiant in the fall (?) heat… That sentence baffles me. I can’t remember the last time it was over 90 degrees in October. Has that happened here, ever? I really need to get my research team on this…

Anyway, as I was passing the pumpkin patch on the corner of Adobe and East Washington, on October 2nd, I imagined digging my hands into the slimy, stringy sludge of a pumpkin, prepping it for carving, and was promptly brought back to reality by the heat of the sun, punishing me through the windshield.

Last week was wishful thinking, really – I mean, it hasn’t REALLY started to feel like fall, other than the changing colors and the cool morning – I still have tomatoes ripening on the vine and zucchini blossoms popping up every other day. I’m sorry I mislead you with my banter about gilded light and leaves and soup. But now I’m kind of thankful for the heat and the ability to drink rosé. And I’m thankful for my job and the opportunities it has already presented me to learn and write. And of course the money and full benefits aint’ so bad either… I’m starting to wonder just how far this business card with my name on it can take me; how many people will accept me as royalty?

But yeah, I guess it’s still sort of summer, and I can eat stuff like this…

and drink stuff like this…

and have a damn fine Tuesday.

VML 2011 Russian River Rosé of Pinot Noir

This tasty bottle will only set you back $20 (unless you’re part of the wine club, which Amber just happens to be). It’s rich and creamy and ripe with flavors of strawberries. There’s not much not to like. A good rosé should be pleasant to drink, and that’s exactly what this is. I recommend drinking it on a hot October 2nd or any other hot day before fall actually arrives.


One response to “And then it got hot

  1. I, for one, am upset that you dangled a carrot in front of my nose with all the soup talk in your previous post… 😉 But rose kinda makes up for it. Also, I believe you must’ve had a slip of the finger in your last paragraph where you stated “There’s not much to like” about the rose, because as we both know, there’s EVERYTHING to like about that bottle! Love you! xoxo

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