New opportunities

Well hello there! I know, I know, I haven’t been around in awhile; but I haven’t been for good reason – I’ve been out getting a new job. That’s right, a new job! Where, you ask? At a little publication called, Wine Spectator. You may have heard of it. 🙂

It’s funny, I haven’t even started yet; I have three weeks before I jump into the pool of the 9-to-5 working class, but I have this strange feeling that I’ve never felt before – it’s a blend relief and happiness. I guess the only thing I could equate it to is the feeling I had after my final college exam, waiting for graduation day.

Some of you faithful followers (that aren’t my mom and Amber) have read posts over the past six months or more about my financial woes and struggles to find a new job. I’ve struggled to stay afloat for so long, and been so unhappy that I haven’t been able to live a comfortable life without worrying about how much money is in my bank account, or feeling guilty for wanting to take Amber out to dinner. This feeling of “breathing” is so refreshing it has me on the verge of tears.

This job is about more than just a great opportunity for my career; it’s about having money to play with, to vacation with; it’s about having money to help pay off my seemingly insurmountable debt; it’s about having a job with benefits, so I don’t have to shell out $156 each month to pay for my own health insurance. Yes, it is ultimately about money, but not that I have more of it; it’s about having it and not fretting about whether I have enough to feed myself or put gas in my car. It’s really hard to imagine that I’ll be making more than twice the amount of money that I was making at my last job. The numbers are so staggering, I wonder how I ever managed to survive on such measly wages.

I guess I had to just hang in there and wait for the right job opportunity to come along. Not only is this job the perfect fit for me, but also I was told that I was hands-down their favorite candidate throughout the interviewing process. Damn, it feels good to be loved. I can’t tell you how many positions I’ve applied for and haven’t even got calls back. I guess it’s their loss, as Wine Spectator saw all the great qualities that I can offer.

I’m also hoping that relieving stress and strife from my life will alleviate my prolonged period of writer’s block. All these heavy things have weighed me down, stifling my creativity; which has a lot to do with why I haven’t been posting as often.

I can’t promise that I will be able to pick up the pace on the frequency of posting with my full-time workload; but I will do my best. I do know that I’ll have more money, so buying and experimenting will be easier. And I’ll have a REAL weekend off, so I’ll have a good opportunity to explore. I’ve been working in hospitality for so long, I don’t know what it feels like to have a Saturday off, or what it feels like to have a Thank-God-It’s-Friday cocktail after a long workweek. I do know that my buddy Tej and I will be having lots of Saturday afternoon man-dates!

In the meantime, I drank this bottle this week.

Amber took me out to dinner to celebrate the new job at Luma, a tiny, little bistro tucked down in the warehouse district of Petaluma. (I highly recommend eating here! Everything was delicious – salmon rillette; warm, pistachio crusted goat cheese crottin over beet and citrus salad; ancho and porcini seared hanger steak with chimichurri  and a creamy vegetable quinoa purée). And we brought along the bottle of Dunn to celebrate.

Yes the picture is supposed to be blurry

It was truly a Sunday bottle – a nicely aged Cabernet – not too young and not too old, just how I like my wine. I tend to drink wines in their “teenage” years – the fruit is still bright and prominent, but they have matured enough to be more alluring than they were in their youth.

Dunn Vineyards is a tiny Cabernet producer located just outside St. Helena, in Angwin. Their reputation is for producing quintessential Napa Valley Cabernet from the Howell Mountain appellation. Their Napa Valley bottling includes up to 15% Napa Valley floor fruit with the remainder of the fruit coming from Howell Mountain. The fruit off of Howell Mountain is usually big and tannic and requires a lot of bottle aging, but the softer fruit from the valley allowed for the 2006 vintage to be drinkable right now.

The wine was a deep ruby hue and had inviting aromas of blackberry, cassis, and dried herbs that followed through to the palate with a hint of chocolate and cedar. It was soft and silky and paired nicely with the wide variety of dishes we had for dinner.

Anyway, here’s to all the Sunday bottles I will be handling at my new job in the coming months! 🙂


4 responses to “New opportunities

  1. Congratulations cousin!! So happy for you – what a coup! xo

  2. Right on Aaron! Loved reading this and I am just so stoked for you!

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