How to drink a large bottle of wine

And we’re back! All right, party on!

So I last left off mentioning that I was moving. And now after a couple weeks away from the blog, I’m settled into the house, 90% of my stuff is put away, Internet is working, and the kitchen is in order.

After a week of packing and moving boxes across town, slowly filling a bedroom and garage full of things and then a few days of putting items where they belong, I started wandering from room to room looking at the remaining mess. You know that feeling after you get moved in, but you don’t know what to do next? I just kept walking from kitchen to living room to bathroom, and thinking, what should I tackle first? And in the end I mostly shuffled some stuff around, but really didn’t do much of anything.

I’ve found myself doing much of the same in the kitchen. There is food in the cupboards and fridge, but a strong sense of what to do still looms overhead. So in two weeks of living here, I’ve really only made, I think three actual meals. My roommates have fed me on a couple of occasions, which is always nice – the best meal is always the one you didn’t have to make.

So while I take some time to game plan my next grand recipe lets talk Sunday Bottles.

THIS is a giant bottle of sparkling wine!

THIS is how you drink a large bottle of wine:

With friends.

I decided to open it because well, it was a 1991 Blanc de Blancs and it probably needed to be drank, and I felt like I needed a grand occasion and an appreciative crowd to open it for. A new house and roommates, all of who appreciate a good glass of bubbly, were more than happy to accept my offer.

Joy! Is a sparkling cuvée from Iron Horse, produced only in magnums and aged 10 to 15 years on the yeast in the bottle. The longer you age on the yeast, the more rich, nutty, toasty, caramely flavors develop. The aromas and flavors are full of grilled fruits with buttered toast, and roasted nuts. It’s creamy and elegant, and yet still full-bodied for a sparkling wine.

You can still taste and buy Joy! at Iron Horse Vineyards (only not this particular vintage). Retail is $147.

We toasted and sipped, and oohed and aahed whilst playing a rousing game of Scategories and quoting Waynes World, that played in the background. It was kind of one of those perfect moments that drinking wine is all about; sharing laughter with friends, enjoying the wine and each other wholly until the last drop, until one by one, we retreat to our beds to nod off.


2 responses to “How to drink a large bottle of wine

  1. sounds like the perfect occasion for a celebratory glass of bubbles. cheers to your new place and new adventures!

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