Just Because

I apologize. It has been weeks since I’ve given you a Sunday Bottles post to read about. And believe me, it’s not for a lack of drinking; I’ve been doing my fair share.

I drank this bottle…

And this bottle too…

I even went to the Willamette Valley and drank a lot of good wine.

But alas, I gave you no stories, and I’m sorry for that.

So without further ado…

Every now and then I get a bee in my bonnet to open up one of my really nice bottles of wine. My collection is sadly not what it used to be, but I still have a good three-plus cases tucked away in my closet. To prevent me from drinking my really good/expensive bottles, I put them in a case and stack the other, more every day wines on top.

The other day, for whatever reason, I decided it was time to drink one of those hidden bottles. For no particular reason, just because.

To be perfectly honest, there’s actually a handful of wines that should/need to be drank sometime soon. Anyone care to join me? No really, there are A LOT of bottles that I need to drink before they pass their prime drinking time. I got Pinots, I got Chards, I got bubbles, I got Cabs. Who wants to have a dinner party? I’ll open some of mine and you can bring some of yours. Deal?

I’m reluctant to open many of the bottles in my collection. I feel as though they deserve a good meal to accompany them. But this bottle that I pulled out, this bottle of 2006 Iron Horse Vineyards Q Vineyard Pinot Noir was destined for a night of chicken burgers with sautéed onions and mushrooms and sweet potato fries. And I was okay with that.

You can’t hang onto wine forever; it will, eventually start to turn, and there’s nothing worse than holding onto a bottle for a special occasion, with a special meal, and having it be undrinkable.

It just so happened that this bottles number was up. It was time, gourmet meal or not.

The burgers were delicious. And so was the wine. I even enjoyed a glass while watching a movie. Scoff at me if you will wine snobs, but I enjoyed this wine just as much as I would have without all the fuss of a fancy dinner.

I wouldn’t call this a typical Pinot Noir. It was very Syrah-like, almost bold and brooding with dark, jammy black cherry and plum flavors. On the nose were hints of cedar and spice, maybe cinnamon and sassafras? And abundant red floral notes. I was actually quite perplexed by this wine. I’m pretty sure I liked it, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting when I popped the cork. The finish was long and almost caramely, but still fruity.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find this particular wine. It was released over two years ago, and only 200+ cases were made, and were sold exclusively through the winery. I happen to have another bottle though, so perhaps next time I will share.

I’m going to go ahead and call any night that is enjoyed with a good glass of wine a success. I wonder what treasure I should dig out of my closet next…


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