Who’s on wurst?

I went to the Giants game on Monday. The beginning of the game was triumphant with Lincecum recording five strikeouts in the first two innings to give him 1,000 for his career. The next few innings were dismal; only two hits for the G-men, and the Nationals had a big inning, which lead to a 4-0 game going into the bottom of the seventh.

I could go on and on about my beloved Giants, but this is not about them, nor is this a sports blog. What I would like to share with you is the monstrous Sheboygan bratwurst with grilled onions and sauerkraut.

Look at how glorious…There are two reasons I’m raising awareness of this beautiful ballpark snack: one is that it’s delicious; the other is that it’s only $3 more and twice the size of the very pedestrian ballpark hot dog. Granted, those three extra dollars will undoubtedly give you heartburn and gas, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay for the opportunity to feast on one of these brats. You literally wont need anything else to eat the rest of the night; a beer should be it’s complementary companion.

You will find the Sheboygan brats on the field level of the 3rd base side, just before you make your way to the left field bleachers. Don’t be intimidated by its size; the sheer weight of the dog will immediately force the bun to collapse under your hand and you will be picking up scraps of onions and bun to shove in your mouth to ensure a perfect bite. (Note: grab at least four napkins, you will need all of them) I like to add a bit of deli mustard on top to give it an extra kick and make it extra messy. From first bite to last you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase and will always seek out the Sheboygan brats above all other food at At&T Park.And in other news, the Giants didn’t let us down, tying up the game in the 8th and then going deep into the night before sending us home in the 13th inning with a game winning single from Freddy Sanchez. Go Giants!


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